Micsig oscilloscope at the Italy A&T exhibition 2017/5/18 19:48:40 hits:

In May 2017,at the A & T Electronics exhibition, Micsig agents Spin (www.spinelectronics.eu) presented Micsig's latest oscilloscope products to Italian customers, the digital tablet oscilloscope tBook mini TO1000 series(you can visit the product info:/Item/Show.asp?m=2&d=30)

During the exhibition, this new product attracted many businessmen and electronics enthusiasts to visit and get a lot of praise. TO1000 series oscilloscope has 1GSa/s sample rate, 2/4 analog channels, 14/28Mpts memory depth, also equipped with Wi-Fi, HDMI and other innovative modules. And the 8''TFT LCD screen with an optional 8000mAh battery, makes this oscilloscope not only has the full touchable and large screen ultimate experience, but also become more light and portable.


Exhibition Photo

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