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STO1000E Series
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Micsig STO1000E series smart oscilloscopes adopt the innovative operation way, mixing full touch operation, buttons and knobs operation, and both ways mixed, which brings you a new user experience. It is not a traditional bench oscilloscope any more, big capacity lithium is a really good choice in filed using. Up to 70Mpts memory depth and maximum 130,000wfm/s capture rate help you to solve more problems.    

STO1000E series is your first choice always. 

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      Support serial triggering and decode (I2C, SPI, RS232/UART,CAN, LIN) and Aerospace and defence (MIL-STD 1553, ARINC 429). Two formats to display decoding, text and graphic.

      31 automatic measurements. Various automatic measurements can meet different measurement demand. It can be display all in one page.

      Unique oscilloscope mobile APP and PC software via Wi-Fi, USB, Wi-Fi LAN and LAN connection. Support transfer data from scope to PC via Wi-Fi and USB. Support Micro HDMI to connect scope and display directly.

      When you do not want to use touch or knob operation, STO1000C also provide you mouse operation options. It supports wireless or wired mouse operation.

      You can use software keyboard to save the file name or input the license fast. 

      Built in 8G storage and unique file management system.

      Support video record, quick save, screen shot, one button fast operation.

        Up to 70Mpts memory depth, Zoom into a selected part of the captured waveforms to get more details.

      Maximum 130,000wfm/s capture rate. By increasing the waveform capture rate, you see a more complete picture of what is going on with the signal.

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