Tablet oscilloscope, will bring you an excellent operation experience which is different from traditional oscilloscope. You will give up all oscilloscopes with complicated buttons and knobs.

Micsig tablet oscilloscope tBook mini TO1000 series uses 8 inches industry TFT-LCD & 800*600 pixels display resolution, supports multi-touch operation. up to 28Mpts memory depth and 256 intensity grading display, 8G storage and also supports LAN, WiFi, HDMI, USB Host, USB Device. Unique file management, support iOS and Android and video record function. 

Before you make the final decision, just spend one minter to compare, you will make the right decision. 

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      High quality 8 inches full touch capacitive screen &800*600pixels

      70MHz, 100MHz and 150MHz selectable bandwidth

      1GSa/s real time sampling rate

      2 or 4 input analog channel

      8000mAH battery inside(optional) 

      A high waveform capture rate allows for better detection of glitch and runt signals. The higher capture rate allows more signal waveforms to be captured. By increasing the waveform capture rate, you see a more complete picture of what is going on with the signal.

      A digital fluorescence display allows the user to see the distribution of the signal probability on the display. As the occurrence of the signal increases in that location, its brightness increases. Similarly, in regions of low occurrence, the signal will display more dimly.

      Lower noise floor is less than 1mV help you to get more accurate measurements.

      There are 31 auto measurements for the user to choose from on the Measure selection page.

      Tap “Measure” to display all the measurement options on one screen. Tap the desired measurement you want to select. To unselect a measurement, either tap the icon of the measurement to be unselected, or tap clear to remove all measurements.

      Tap any other place on screen to exit the menu.

      Supports 7 types of trigger function: Edge, Pulse, Logic, Time Out, Dwart PW, Slope, N Edge, and Video.

      Tap “Level” to open the trigger level slider, and then drag the trigger level marker.

      Swiping down to take a screen shot quickly with four fingers. Waveforms can be viewed& edited in local.

      Tap “CH1” icon to display or hide the desired channels.

      Sliding right on the “channel” icon will open the channel configuration menu.

      Tap “Quick Save” icon to save waveform to memory. 

      An internal 8GBstorage capacity, expandable via USB, allows for a virtually unlimited number of waveforms to be saved.

      Tapping  “mV” or  “V”  to set the desired vertical divisions.

      The Volts per division are displayed in the user interface.

      Double tap the waveform to zoom in on the desired region                                                                                               
      Tap  “Time Scale”  to open the time-base ruler to quickly modify the horizontal divisions.

      Swipe down with three fingers simultaneously to access the ZOOM function.

      Tap to open the trigger level slider  “Level” , then drag the trigger lever marker to the desired position.

      Tap “”  to get math and reference channel icon, then tap “Math” to open. Swipe left/ right to open/ close math channel setting. Tap “Math” again to turn off math function.

      Use the same method to set up the reference waveform.

      The on screen, soft keyboard allows for easy file naming and eliminates the need for using a knob to try and name files. This improves file naming efficiency up to 95%.

      7,500mAh big capacity chargeable Li-ion battery, conveniently detachable, can continue working time up to 5 hours.

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